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An Executive Education Program for Family Business Owners with an international scope.

Issues covered include: globalization, growth, long-term mindset, family culture, and multigenerational wealth strategies.

  • Designed for owners of family-run companies and relevant family members.
  • Delivered by outstanding faculty from EGADE and IMD, successful family-run company leaders, seasoned and expert practitioners, and international consultants.
  • Addresses the cultural reality of the Mexican family-run company as well as new global perspectives, and offers a joint experience in Monterrey and Lausanne.
  • An array of active learning methods such as hands-on learning experience and applied knowledge to be implemented during the Program.


Foster the transition towards a global mind-set and flourishing long lasting family relations.

  • Learning methodologies:
    • Experiential learning
    • Knowledge application
    • Expert discussion panel
    • Success testimonials
    • Networking
  • Program content:
    • Monterrey, Mexico
      • Mexico culture mindset
      • Global mindset learning
      • Long-term mindset
    • Lausanne, Switzerland
      • Growth mindset
      • Multigenerational wealth strategies
          Managing wealth
          Preserving wealth
          Growing wealth
  • Format: Full-time
  • Start date: February 2020
  • Language: Spanish and english
  • Sites: Monterrey, Mexico and Lausanne, Switzerland
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Boost key capacities for successful leadership in Mexican family businesses in an age of globalization.

Favor better conflict management strategies and abilities in light of increasingly frequent “owner-employee” role and the challenges offered by new and diverse generations.

Stimulate internationalization initiatives and the need to remain current of world changing trends.

Enhance the family business legacy by acknowledging and aligning short-term needs with long-term objectives, and by exploring an array of different modes of ownership and control.

Master innovation platforms to accelerate organic business growth and create innovation systems.

Confidentially integrate acquired knowledge in an actionable vision and plan.

Address challenges and capture opportunities related to the government of a single-family office, to preserve the family’s financial and emotional wealth.


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